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Applicants, kindly read the guidelines before applying.

01. How It Works: submit an application based on the format, and within the span of one week, members will get to comment and vote whether or not we'd like you in our community. It's just our way of ensuring that we'd enjoy reading our community in time to come.

02. By submitting an application, you will be subjected to criticism. We're very nice. Really.

03. All applications and photographs are to go under an lj-cut.

04. You may reapply if you've been rejected. Unfortunately, two rejected applications means you're out for six months from the date of the second application.

05. We do not accept membership requests from blank journals. We want active members. If you still would like to join this community and participate, kindly fill up the membership application and email it to toohautetohandle@gmail.com.

We're Too Haute To Care, Baby.

We enjoy dressing up, we love our shoes, but we're kinda bored of the Singapore-based fashion communities.

The truth is, honey, showing off the Chanel 2.55 bag thanks to Mommy, the Hermes cuff from Daddy, topped with a Louis Vuitton monogrammed-something does not make you stylish. It just means you're a rich little bitch. Don't complain to us if you think you're "fat". Go on a f*cking diet, already. And baby, while we enjoy tits, keep them under wraps once in a while, will you?

This exclusive fashion community wants a plethora of styles. We want daily outfits, we want fab photos, we want style inspirations, we want photos of your travels, we want city guides. Tell us about sales, about fashion-happenings, help connect fashion mavens and style seekers. Just don't give us a reason to hate you. ;o)

Applicants: Please read the guidelines on the left before submitting an application. We don't want this community to be run-of-the-mill, thus the reason for applications. We do not add sales journals, blank journals or journals that haven't been updated since forever.

Members: Your rules are on the right.


Application Format Can Be Found Here

Members, here are very simple rules to follow.

01. All posts are to be classified as 'FRIENDS ONLY'.

02. Do not repost photos of members without their expressed permission</b>. (Part of the LJ TOS)

03. Please credit all your photos, and other copyrighted materials.

04. Please be as honest with your evaluation of applicants as possible.

05. When offering criticism, make sure they are constructive ones.

06. NO SALES POSTS. Anybody caught for promoting their online boutiques etc will be banned permanently.